Understanding a Tree Lopping Quote



Tree Lopping is a typical process when it comes to tree maintenance. When you are working with a tree remover, you need to understand the different costs associated with each component. This guide is created to help you get the picture of the significant costs in this process. Let us have a look at the price for different diameters of the trunks and the other factors such as accessibility that determine the cost.

What is included in the basic fee?

When it comes to tree removal, there are a variety of services available. Of course, some basic ones are included with the basic price. We actually found a handy tree removal price calculator at tree lopping quotes sydney. Your tree will either need pruning or lopping, or it will have to be completely removed which will lead to much higher prices. The tree removal service will climb the tree and cut the tree down to a size which can be manageable to chop and to overhaul. With some services, the cost to haul the tree is included within the basic fee.

What are all the services that cost extra?

In some situations, service more than the basic tree removal service will be need; for instance, some may require the limb removal of the tree, and if the process is not included in the basic price, one would have to pay anywhere $50 – $75 for the same.

  • Removal of the stump

This process is never included in the basic cost of the tree care service. If you do not pay the extra fee, you will be left back with a stump. The reason why this service is charged extra is that it requires a different set of equipment and it is many times worked by a subcontractor which will again increase the cost. The charges for the service can range in $60 to $375 depending on how healthy the slump is.

  • Removal of the tree trunk

Sometimes all the tree removal service will do is to cut the tree trunk into smaller sections. If you require the service to haul the trunk away, then the charges will be extra. Although the amount paid may vary in different locations and due to the size of the trunk, they are typically in the range of $50 to $100.

  • Travel Expenditure

If you are situated in a remote location, then you will also have to bear the expenses of the tree removal service to reach your place.

  • Splitting the log

This service is beneficial if you have a fireplace. If you wish the logs to be split so that they can be used in your fireplace, you need to inform the tree removal service beforehand so that they can bring a log splitter. The price for this service is not usually fixed but on an average might cost you $75.



The Average Costs for Tree Lopping Services

  • For large trees:

This process does require sophisticated machinery and will need the skill of professionals. Expect the cost to be around $3000+ if you want a large tree to be removed.

  • For fallen trees:

To clear a fallen tree in your area, the costs may vary from $750 – $3000.

  • For Oak trees:

Since Oak is one of the hardest wooden materials, the cost to remove one may range from $500 – $4000.

  • For Pine trees:

Pine trees are generally very tall which increases the difficulty to clear them, the charges for the same could start from $200 and go up all the way onto $4000.

For acquiring the best tree removal service, choose the one which has a good review, skilled professionals, and advanced machinery. Also, compare the prices with other contractors before deciding on one.