Tree Removal For Beginners


Here is a complete guide and proper steps required for tree removal for beginners. Plants and trees need regular care. Just like watering the trees and plants is essential, similarly, trimming the extras from the trees are also as important. They too need regular maintenance to keep them beautiful and healthy. Only if the trees and plants remain clean and healthy, they will give us oxygen and delicious fruits.

It is not necessarily that you need to cut down a tree to clear the cluster, but for many other reasons, trees need to be chopped off. Now it doesn’t at all mean that you chop off the entire tree from the branch itself. Here in this article, we are going to discuss how to cut down a tree if you are a beginner, so that it becomes healthier.

Tree Cutting for beginners

Chopping off a few branches and stems here and there may be due to various reasons. One, if you want your tree to give you fruits and flowers regularly, you need to trim the branches and twigs regularly. I must say even weekly.

Secondly, cutting some major branch or a massive log can be due to many other reasons. Your tree might not be looking as pretty as it used to look earlier. Flowers might not be blooming on it. This can be due to the reason that your tree might be affected by severe disease. Yes, of course, even our plants get affected by harmful bacteria that can destroy your fully grown and a blooming tree.

When your tree is too big or old, it might be adversely affecting the surroundings. This is also another reason to cut the trees.
But on the other hand, tree cutting requires the hand of a professional. Try cutting any stem on your own; compare the growth of your own cut plant to the one cut down by a professional. Cutting down any tree is not a cake walk. This is not an easy task at all. It requires a professional to do it and some specific tools. Here is a guide that can help you tackle the chopping of trees.

1. Wear the right safety headgear

This is one of the essentials. If you are a beginner, you inevitably would require headgear to protect yourself, your ears, eyes, and nose. You might hurt even by a small twig. A logger’s helmet is the safety guide to protect yourself from the chainsaw grazes.

2. The fall path

While you are new for trying this task out, you need to make sure that your tree has enough space for it to fall. Clear the area and ask people to move away from where the tree is. It should have a clear pathway to fall. Clear the path from all the power lines, fences, clear the roads and the footpath too.

3. Begin slowly and cautiously

The best way to begin is to do it carefully. Do not be in a hurry. Now, when everything has been done, give your attention to the tree. See what needs to be chopped off first. Make a notch at a 70-degree angle. This is done by the experts to make sure that the tree is cut down safely.

However, if the tree is too huge, it will be difficult to cut down manually, there are grapple trucks and cranes to help you out.